• a new, convenient channel of plant distribution,
  • the opportunity to exhibit plants at their best stage of vegetation,
  • solving problems related to minimum delivery requirements,
  • cutting down formalities – many clients, one single invoice – with GREENERY acting as an external operator,
  • sales numbers available after the first day of session,
  • receiving feedback on the level of prices, dictated by Producers, and the quality of the plants compared to competition, while preserving anonymity,
  • influence on setting trends through presenting novelties at trade sessions.

  • a wide range of high quality plants exhibited periodically in one place, with the ultimate target of 10-12 editions annually,
  • buying decision made after examining samples and knowing their sizes, with the price depending on the amount within the batch,
  • in case of absence at session - possibility to buy plants on-line based on images of actual plant batches,
  • information on order value and size available at the moment of purchase, including the size converted to CC containers,
  • cutting down formalities- many suppliers, one single invoice - with GREENERY acting as an external operator,
  • quality guaranteed- the same as at fair sessions,
  • opportunity to find out about new trends and novelties in the industry.


The benefits of both of these links of the gardening market result in the common benefit in the form of raising plant material trade to a higher and global level, not only in peak-season, but also during the calmer trading months.