What's so exceptional about the GREENERY platform?

11 lipca 2017

GREENERY is primarily aimed at providing producers with a countrywide channel of distribution, while offering recipients the solution to the problem of minimum delivery requirements and gathering many offers in one place.

This system of operation allows gardening nurseries to access feedback on price levels and product quality, preserving their anonymity, as well as to receive information about sales figures immediately after the first day of the session.

Centrom Ogrodniczym daje natomiast możliwość podjęcia decyzji zakupowej w momencie obejrzenia towaru oraz zapewnia dostęp do szerokiej i różnorodnej oferty. Daje także gwarancję uzyskania towaru o takiej samej jakości, jak eksponowane wzory.

As for Gardening Centres, they are given the possibility to make the decision of purchase upon seeing the merchandise and are granted access to a wide variety of products. This ensures that the products purchased will be of similar quality to the displayed samples. This system of sales cuts down formalities for both parties, keeps them up-to- date with the value and the amount of the order, as well as its size, converted to CC containers.

The GREENERY platform is accompanied by fairs (ultimately 10-12 editions annually), during which clients can see a representative batch of plants with the information about the size and the price depending on the size of purchased batch.